DNSSEC Mastery, 2nd edition

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The world’s most successful distributed database—and the most naïve.

The Domain Name System is one of the Internet’s oldest protocols, designed for a network without hostile users. Intruders targeting a network start by investigating their DNS. DNS Security Extensions, or DNSSEC, hardens DNS and brings it into the 21st century. Learning DNSSEC required wading through years of obsolete tutorials, dead ends, and inscrutable standards.

Until now.

This new edition of DNSSEC Mastery will have DNS administrators deploying DNSSEC with industry-standard software in hours instead of weeks. You will:

·         Understand what DNSSEC provides

·         Configure your servers to resist attack

·         Verify your environment supports modern DNS

·         Debug DNSSEC and the Chain of Trust

·         Sign your zones and attach them to the Chain of Trust

·         Conceal zone data with NSEC3

·         Automate DNSSEC maintenance

·         Roll over keys to maintain integrity

·         Implement DNSSEC on private networks

·         Securely distribute security-critical information via DNS

And more! DNSSEC Mastery transforms DNS from a headache to a solution.

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DNSSEC Mastery, 2nd edition

0 ratings
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